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im new to x plane 10 and everything is working great except the virtual cockpit. the only thing is that it works for some planes but not every plane... is it a graphical issue or a screen resolution issue. i dont know why some planes it works and some it doesnt... please help i really want this game to work perfectly. thanks generously to any who...

help needed please!

does anyone know where i can download some cool updated aircraft such as B773's, A388's, A330's, and A340's (with some cool details) also, i dont know to add "new paint" to my existing files i have.

manchester airport

Hi Im new to x-plane and was wondering how a get copies of the scenery for Manchester Airport. Also I'm looking for an A380 in any livery. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I'm loosing the will to live!!!http://forums.xplanefreeware.net/public/style_emoticons/hq_emoticons/dribble.gif. Thanks anyone!!
I have been using this scenery package in X-Plane 9 and now have installed it to XPX. My brother and I have been flying a lot around Cold Lake Alberta, and in XPX, there seems to be a glitch with something on the ramp I believe. I will attach the log.txt from my last load for anyone to comment on or suggest a fix please. I'm not sure if Tom...

Freeware Scenery

I am not an artistic person nor am I the most intellectually inclined when it comes to technology but what I am most inclined about is the fact that there more postings of aircrafts on XPFW than sceneries, and many posts pics of there converted sceneries form FS but are not willing to share. I am also concerned that on the ORG's websites there...
Does anyone know where I can get an U.S Airways (new paint) A320?

A320 with winglets

Hello everybody,
Hello! Welcome To TWA747's blog! Image reduced in size We talk about X-plane, X-Plane Scenery and X-plane add-ons! So feel free to post something!
- TWA747Image reduced in size

Learfan IX in CV1 EB16

Image reduced in size

AADX LEARFAN IX "LFX" in CV1 EB16, Bugatti design paint.

Image reduced in size

Image reduced in size

Image reduced in size

Flight #8

This flight was not like other flights.... It was not calm, it was not sunny, it was not nice out..... It was a hurricane over the caribbean islands..

I had trouble taking off in the British Virgin Islands because of the strong winds but i survived.... but coming in to St. Martin, whole different story, visibility was horrible i could hardly see...

welcome to xpfw blogs

Last weekends snowstorm pretty much ended the snow drought we had been suffering through most of the winter.
We received around 10 inches by Sunday morning and another 3 by monday morning. Put 12 hours on the new
tractor keeping the parking lots and driveways clear over the weekend. Now it looks like that storm will be nothing
compared to whats...
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