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Turn To The Right Turn To The Right

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Posted 27 November 2009 - 09:53 PM

Ok, so i engage nose-wheel steering, release the brakes and move forward, with all winds calm and turbulence off, my plane taxis to the right by itself. i say to myself, can i taxi on my own where i want, but the computer wants other wise. i use a joystick where u can twist the handle u hold, but i can't use that for steering(wish i could)...i have to turn the joystick in the direction i want to taxi and sometimes use left and right brake. technically, the control surfaces shouldn't be moving, but they are...i don't care about that though. i just want to taxi normally. any help?

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Posted 28 November 2009 - 12:53 AM

Where to begin...

1) The twist axis on your joystick can absolutely be used to taxi. I use a saitek av8r and use the twist for the yaw axis, which just so happens to also control the nose wheel. In a real heavy aircraft (generalization here) below a certain speed, the tiller is used to steer the nosewheel until ya get to the runway, then you throttle up and its all to the pedals. In light acf, the rudder pedals actuate BOTH the rudder and nosewheel during all phases of flight. Therefore, you should first check and be sure the twist axis is set to "yaw." If it is, you should calibrate the joystick by hitting the "calibrate" button and wiggling the joystick through the range of all axis (dont forget the throttle when you do this). Once all of your control axis are calibrated, you need to center the joystick by letting go of it completely, and hitting the "center" button.

2) In all aircraft (GA AND heavies) you often need to use the toebrakes to gain more positive control and reduce the turn radius. That being said, you shouldn't ALWAYS have to use the toebrakes. If you find yourself using the toebrakes constantly, you're either going too fast, twisting the rudder too much (oversteering), or all of the above.

3) In a zero wind situation, you're right, only the rudder should be moving. In XP, the nosewheel tiller is not simulated, so regardless of speed, the rudder is going to move when you twist the yaw axis. With a crosswind, things change. The control surfaces (IE ailerons and elevator) should not be moving on their own, (assuming you calibrated properly) rather YOU should be moving them. This typically only applies to GA and light acf, hence why you wouldn't typically see a T7 with an aileron up. For the proper technique on this one, refer to the following diagram:
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If after all of this, you're still drifting, please upload a BRIEF video of an example. There may be some other factors at work here... (IE if you're flying a twin w/o counter-rotating props or you're flying a single with a huge amount of power, the p-torque can come into play when taxiing)

Good Luck!


IMPORTANT PS!: You shouldn't have to engage nosewheel steering. When you jump into the plane, it should allow you to steer the nosewheel by default. Try it again without messing with anything. Set up a flight in any acf starting at a ramp or taxiway and see if you get the proper control. It sounds to me like you're actually DISENGAGING nosewheel steering rather than engaging it!
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Posted 06 December 2009 - 08:15 PM

I've had this happen before on numerous planes. It seems to be a bug in X Plane (I was running 9.31 final). I think I was able to fix it by restarting my computer.
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